Doosan DX140

Pro Rail Services provides a bespoke range of on and off-track plant equipment.

Our Doosan DX140 Parallel Offset RRVs have great versatility. The Parallel Offset arm allows for digging on either side of its structure, it is well suited for drainage, troughing and other associated works.  These machines have a reduced swing radius, enabling the RRV to work alongside a train or platform and within a tunnel.

We have a wide range of attachments available with this model including:

  • Chieftain Trailers
  • Chieftain Ballast Boxes
  • Breakers
  • Clamshells
  • Screw Piling
  • Vacuum Suction Excavation Unit
  • Flail/Mulcher
  • And much more…

Our RRV’s come equipped with the latest safety equipment including:

  • Built in Duplex Radio cab kits
  • 360 vision cameras
  • Fall arrest system
  • Additional 360 lighting
  • Twin locking quick hitch
  • Forward/Reverse auto beep
  • Rubber tracks
  • Reduced radius tail swing

We have the following equipment and services available for hire:

  • POS Licence
  • RRV Plant Hire
  • RRV Trailers
  • RRV Attachments

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